Nutrition and Supplementation

Looking for the right supplements? Chances are you're overwhelmed by all the choices and claims out there.

I have helped formulate and research several supplement lines so the research has literally been done for you. This also allows me to discern their quality, potency and those that are most effective.

It can be difficult for consumers to know the difference between a high quality, useful supplement and one that is worthless. The supplements I have available contain exactly what they say they do; they are quite potent and therefore produce effective changes in people working to improve their health.

All of the supplements I recommend adhere to the FDA's current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). This means that they were manufactured according to a comprehensive system of controls, ensuring that all processing is completed in a consistent and reproducible manner.

In short, GMPs ensure a quality finished product, so that products have the composition, purity, strength and identity as stated by the manufacturer.

The supplements we carry do not contain any impurities. None of them contain any banned ingredients or drugs. Supplements, like just about any other product, can be made with either good or poor quality. Unfortunately, the majority of supplements available today are poor quality, costing you in terms of both money and lost health opportunities.

I suggest that when using supplements for your health, that you use only quality supplements � otherwise save your money!

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In Health,

Dr. Barker